Books in English

Books in English

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  • The Peace of Mind You Dream About

    10,00 zł

    Here you will find an introduction to a God of love – a God who has outlined a plan to save humans from pain and death. Here also are deeply meaningful questions and clear answers straight out of the Bible. Open your heart to a message of hope and find real peace, real answers for yourself.

  • The Great Controversy

    20,00 zł

    This book arouses controversy, brings on amazement and gives relief. It has been translated into over one hundred languages and has sold in millions. “The Great Controversy” uncovers the secrets of the past and the future. It reveals the origins and traces the development of the spiritual conflict that we all experience. What will ultimately prevail – good or evil, truth or lies, hope or despair? If you are searching for peace in this uncertain world, this book is for you!